Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Obon Stuffs Are Cool!

Have you heard of papers that are made of sugar cane pulp called Bagasse? We can get them right here in KK! :D

I'm talking about O’BON Notebooks. I'm really excited about it. :z I'm also going to get the A4 papers made of bagasse too. :D

Apart from notebooks, O'bon also produces pencils, pens, folders, etc. Our department uses these products as gifts during talks, exhibitions, games, etc. They are the coolest I tell you!

The papers may be more expensive than the conventional ones BUT they are worth it. Sometimes people complain about recycled papers being expensive. For the longest time humans have messed up the Earth! :@ So, it's only fair we pay more for recycled materials.

Note: Photos borrowed from here. Cheers!


Sandra@miabambina said...

Hi yes I love Obon stuffs too!
but it is still a bit hard to get.
So far I just saw the pencils. Indy got that as her b'day present last year. COOL.
Where we can get their notebooks etc here in KK?

osindak said...

hi sandra! I met the supplier yesterday. I will ask him about individual buyers ok, shouldn't be a problem la.. hehe I'll let you know k!

taty said...

iya, i also love Obon stuffs! :) lately everything also can get in KK already! :D rindu nyerrrr nak balik KK huhuhuu