Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Definitely Earth Day on a Wet-Land!

Early morning at the KK Wetland Centre was definitely WET! Around 7ish am, the wind blew and it began to rain heavily! The Mangrove Race participants under the tents had to go into the centre building due to the wind blowing and heavy rain. I thought it was fun! *grin*

Anyway, around 8ish am, we gave the participants a choice on whether they wanted to do the 'race' within the centre (we had alternative no. 2) but most of them were willing to go into the mangrove area, walking on the boardwalk of course! That was exciting! My big boss blew the whistle and the race began.

So, here are some photos during that day. *smiles* It was indeed a lovely celebration of our Earth.

Winners of the Mangrove Race - Jumat, Vitalis and Sabrina - together with our Permanent Secretary, Minister and Director

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Everyday is Earth Day...

On 10 May, our department is organising an environmental education and awareness programme at the Kota Kinabalu Wetland Centre for staff of agencies under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment. *grin* This is to celebrate Earth Day. Well, better late than never!

It's gonna be really exciting because we are going to have a Mangrove Race for the staff! hehe It's so easy - they (3 participants in a group) just need to look for info (questions will be given on Saturday morning itself) around the KK Wetland Centre. The fastest group with the highest marks will win!

I'm really looking forward to this Race. *wink* Cash money of RM500 awaits the Champions!! Yayy!!

Apart from the race, there will be tree planting by our invited guests.