Saturday, 6 March 2010

Oh Dear!

... I haven't been here for the longest time! There's so much to share but somehow, I have been really bad in updating this blog, huh?

Before I forget, let me quickly share that now Sabah has its very own Sabah Environmental Education Policy (SEEP)! Yayyyy! We sure have loads to do to implement the policy on the ground but hey, it's team work, isn't it? ;)

I do not wish to see SEEP sitting nicely on anyone's cabinet waiting to be implemented. It WILL be implemented, I know so. ;)

Happy weekend peeps!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I read a few of your entries and your passion for a greer shade of our earth. Thanks for sharing this.

I'm from Sabah myself and I'm running a website to encourage people to recycle goods that are no longer used at

I'm delighted to add your blog to the link: we need more voices and actions to prevent further damages to our surrounding.

Cheers and keep up the great, superb work!

Rose Ragai said...

Hi Susan,
It is great to found you in this blogosphere. Am Rose, the one that represents SFI during EE Race 2 meeting last Monday. Add your blog to my fav blog lists. Drop by sometime. Keep up with your writings...


osindak said...

thank you zeno for visiting (sorry, sorry for this late reply!)

hi there rose!! great to meet you too. btw, did you receive the minutes? :)

take care!